a sophisticated

collaboration suite

Occasionally, a revolutionary product comes along that dramatically simplifies the way we do things.

Global Development has never been easier.

LEVR has been developed for global organizations to realize the true potential of employees and partners by providing a transformative way to collaborate.

isn't new but


  • Dynamic Skills Profile
  • Performance Rating
  • Resource Strategy
  • SME


  • CapX Equipment Sharing
  • Test equipment
  • Prototype Facilities
  • Supplier Capabilities

manage Projects

  • APQP
  • Change Management
  • Workflow
  • Collaboration

Manage Requirements

  • Performance
  • Vehicle
  • Assemblies
  • Systems
  • Subsystems
  • Components


Providing the right resource, the right cost, at the right time

LEVR provides a view of global resources in a way that has not been possible.

LEVR dynamically updates the proficiency and experience of the resources after each completed task.

Finding you the most qualified resource for the task reduces rework and increases innovation.

Providing the right resource, the right cost, at the right time.


Receive consistent project information

Insuring the success of each project starts with collection and tracking of relevant product requirements.

LEVR provides a robust library for requirements, ranging from industry to company specific standards.

Sharing requirements with the global team from a centralized location, ensures that all participants of a project receive consistent information.


A refined approach to project planning

A refined approach to project planning and execution;  LEVR brings together - requirements, resources, assets and global partners.

Built-in workflow and automated change management that easily adapts to any industry.

Have complete confidence in your project team!

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Compliance and collaboration tools

Timekeeping Module
Financial Module - PO, Invoicing, Tracking, Reporting Module
Integration Capabilities - O365, API, PM
Export Compliance Filtering - ITAR, EAR
Libraries - Requirements, Standards, Roles


Understand workload trends & behaviors

Interpret and communicate significant data patterns utilizing LEVR's Analytics functionality.

Gain insights and meaningful information to support your daily business or strategic initiatives.

Understand workload trends, resource gaps and organizational capacities, sourcing behaviors and supplier performance.

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